Amazon Prime Video goes live on Windows 10 — but there is a serious limitation

Amazon Prime Video finally launched a Windows 10 desktop app, but it’s apparently limited to 1080p streaming at the moment. The new app can be found in the Microsoft Store.

Amazon announced last Thursday that the app was live and its coolest feature is that you’re finally able to download videos on a Windows device to watch them offline. However, you will be limited to 1080p videos.

Amazon Prime Video streaming in 1080p

I installed the app via the Microsoft Store and launched the cinematographic treat that is Knives Out, only to find out that it was streaming in HD (that is, 720p), which is apparently the “Best” quality of the stream. However, after a while, the 1080p stream finally kicked in.

When I jumped to Mission: Impossible – Fallout, it was able to stream in 1080p right from the start. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any UHD streaming, so those with 4K screens won’t get the most out of the Amazon Prime Video app.

According to Amazon (via The Verge), the quality of the stream “may vary per content,” but is in fact limited to 1080p.

Amazon should really ditch its Good, Better, and Best quality ratings for streaming or at least include the actual resolutions.

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