Apple VR headset: Rumors, release date, price, specs, and what we want

You may have heard about Apple Glass — the MacBook maker’s upcoming AR spectacles. But this isn’t the only computer-simulated project that Apple has up its sleeves. The Cupertino-based tech giant is also dipping its toes into the virtual reality market with the goal of crowning its upcoming rumored headset as the new VR king.

With conglomerates like Sony, Valve and Facebook jumping at the opportunity to tap into a lucrative market, Apple wants a piece of the pie, too. 

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According to insider information obtained by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, there’s been a secret unit at Apple — shh, don’t tell anyone — working on a VR headset for the past five years. But delays and setbacks plagued the VR unit due to strong-minded Apple hot shots butting heads on how to best design the VR headset for maximum market disruption.

Now, if you think that’s juicy, stick around to ingest all the riveting information we’ve gathered from Apple insiders and leakers for more fascinating insight into Apple’s VR headset, including specs, release date, price and more. We will update this page whenever we learn new information. 

Apple VR headset design 

One of Apple’s biggest obstacles with the VR headset is finding a way to pack powerful hardware into a sleek design that could potentially upend the VR market. Unfortunately, the secret Apple VR unit (known as the Technology Development Group or TDG) kept running into issues with overheating.

TDG, spearheaded by Mike Rockwell in 2015, decided to rectify the overheating problem by unburdening some of that powerful hardware from the headset. Rockwell then made the move to construct a small stationary hub, which resembles a small iMac, that would accompany the VR headset.

Apple iMac Pro (Image credit: Apple)

This Mac-like hub would connect to the VR headset wirelessly, and it would help the system retain its svelte form while still remaining competitively powerful thanks to the stationary hub — and that would be the end of the overheating problem. However, there was someone at Apple who hated Rockwell’s stationary hub idea: Jony Ive — the company’s then design chief.

Ive envisioned an all-in-one headset for the Apple VR headset — no additional peripherals needed. Rockwell disagreed. With the hub he designed, the VR headset would blow its rivals out of the water. Without it, consumers would have to settle for a less-powerful headset. But in the end, Apple’s big wigs sided with Ive. They wanted to sell an Apple VR headset sans the hub.

So what does Apple’s working VR headset look like now? Bloomberg Businessweek’s secret source revealed that the VR headset is visually similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset, but smaller. 

Oculus Quest (Image credit: Facebook )

The leaker also added that instead of a plastic body, the VR headset will sport a fabric material.

 Apple VR headset specs and features 

Despite Apple VR’s secrecy, we’ve gathered a ton of information on specs and features you can expect from the Apple VR headset. 

An ultra high-resolution display. Insiders say that the Apple VR headset’s display performance will be so spectacular that it will be difficult for users to differentiate reality and computer-generated simulations.External 3D-sensor cameras. The Apple VR headset will be equipped with cameras that can map the user’s surroundings, including silhouettes of nearby people, furniture and rooms.Powerful processors recycled from Rockwell’s rejected hub. The processors are reportedly similar to the AMD-based CPUs that will replace the Intel chips on future macOS systems.A gaming app store. The Apple VR headset will have its own store so that users can purchase games and other VR-compatible apps.Video-conferencing capability. The Apple VR headset can double as a super high-tech communication system for virtual meetings.Video-streaming capability. Users will be able to enjoy immersive film and TV show experiences with the Apple VR headset.Vision-auto correct feature. A new patent hints that Apple may be implementing a vision auto-correct feature so that users can ditch their glasses while enjoying their VR headset.Siri voice command. What’s an Apple device without Siri? Apple VR headset release date

The Apple VR headset is slated to hit store shelves in 2022, according to The Information. The Cupertino-based giant is also reportedly planning on releasing a sleeker headset in 2023. So if you’re interested in Apple VR, but you want a more svelte headset, it’s best to wait a year after Apple’s first VR headset launch.

Apple allegedly told its employees that it would start reaching out to developers to build software for its VR headset in 2021.

Apple VR headset price 

Not even Apple knows what the price point will be for its VR headset, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The Oculus Quest — the headset that Apple reportedly resembles — retails for $399. 

But Apple isn’t known for caring about consumer’s pockets and we’re pretty sure its VR headset will implement the notorious Apple tax. Perhaps its headset will mirror the price tag of other premium systems, such as Magic Leap’s $2,295 AR goggles and Microsoft’s $3,500 Hololens 2. 

Magic Leap AR Goggles (Image credit: Magic Leap)What we want from Apple VR 

Consumer-friendly pricing. Apple products are known for costing an arm and a leg. However, companies such as Facebook have a strong foothold in the mainstream VR market with competitive pricing seen in products like the $399 Oculus Quest. If Apple’s VR headset is financially inaccessible, it may struggle to win over consumers. Expecting an affordable VR headset from Apple is just wishful thinking, though. Perhaps VR will be friendlier on the pockets in the future.

Comfortable VR headsets. Many VR enthusiasts complain that most systems on the market are uncomfortable, clunky — and well —  not very 2020. On the plus side, the rumors indicate that sleek headsets are on Apple’s top-priority list. Some VR gamers also complain about mental fatigue and nausea after using a VR headset, so hopefully, Apple can find a way to circumvent these issues.

A tetherless design. Being bound by wires while gaming in virtual reality is no fun. But fortunately, according to leaks, Apple’s vision for its VR headset is a wireless, standalone device.

Decent specs and features. We’d love to see specs that make a VR system awesome, including wide-ranging human movements translated into the VR world, high-resolution displays, higher refresh rates, top-notch tracking and more. The Apple VR headset will likely not disappoint, according to the leaks 

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