Elden Ring: How to find new NPC Jar-Bairn

Elden Ring received a 1.03 patch with major changes last night, including weapon balances, new phases for certain quest-lines, and even nighttime music while exploring the open world.

However, the most notable change is the addition of an entirely new NPC: Jar-Bairn. At 12 a.m. last night, I was absolutely perplexed by this sudden update. And at that moment, I knew I could not rest until I found the character. Thankfully, it didn’t take long, as the NPC’s name offers a pretty major hint towards their location.

How to find Jar-Bairn in Elden Ring

1. Jar-Bairn can be found close to the Jarburg Grace Point. If you don’t have this Grace Point unlocked, continue to the next step.

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2. Teleport to the Artist’s Shack Grace Point, which is just slightly north-west of Carian Study Hall.

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3. Head to this exact point on the map.

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4. You should see a series of tombstones protruding from the mountainside. You’ll need to jump down along each one.

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5. The last tombstone should place you just slightly above the top of a shack. Jump onto the shack.

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6. From here, a Grace Point should be visible. Go ahead and grab it.

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7. Jar-Bairn will be on this exact point on the map, dangling their little legs off the side of some stairs.

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

8. Further along the questline, you might also see Jar-Bairn in this spot. 

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

You should now have access to Jar-Bairn and can begin their story. This also involves the questline of another familiar character, but I’ll let you discover that on your own.

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