[Embargoed] NFL Pro Era is a new VR game for football fans — lead your team to the Super Bowl in the metaverse

NFL Pro Era, unveiled at the 2022 Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, is the the virtual reality (VR) game that football enthusiasts have been waiting for. It’s the first officially licensed NFL game to hit the VR space.

Football enthusiasts will get to step into the shoes of professional athletes and experience the thrill of the field, including tackling, passing and strategizing. NFL Pro Era leverages NFL game data to recreate an authentic, on-the-field NFL experience that mimics the real world.

The NFL has never been shy about diving into avante-garde, au courant technologies to engage its most ardent fans. Last September, the national sports league announced its partnership with Dapper Labs to create NFT-based video highlights for NFL enthusiasts.

Now, the NFL is plunging into the world of VR gaming, allowing its fans to immerse themselves into the world of professional football. NFL Pro Era, developed by StatusPRO, Inc., lets gamers enjoy the thrill of scoring touchdowns, tackling opponents and strategizing winning plays.

With NFL Pro Era, you can lead your team to a Super Bowl and enhance your quarterback skills by participating in drills. You can even play catch with friends in your favorite NFL stadium.  

NFL Pro Era is coming to Meta Quest and Playstation VR. 

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