Get Cyberpunk 2077 for just $5 in huge surprise saving — yes, you read that right!

For today only, Cyberpunk 2077 for PlayStation and Xbox (both with free next gen upgrades) is just $5 (opens in new tab) — its lowest price ever. 

Cyberpunk has had a rocky start over the past year or so, but there was a great game hiding underneath all those glitches. 

Now that most of them have been fixed and we’re seeing a big jump in performance with the next-gen upgrade (available for free), this is quickly becoming a must-buy — especially at just five bucks!

Cyberpunk 2077 falls under the open-world, action-adventure game genre. Set in a megalopolis called Night City, you’re a mercenary outlaw on a mission to find the key to immortality. 

CD Projekt Red has been busy fixing the bugs and improving the game. In fact, we named it one of the best games of the year for its gorgeous open-world design and plethora of entertaining side-missions. What’s more, you can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset, and playstyle for a personalized gaming experience. 

So if you’re looking for a new adventure to get into, Cyberpunk 2077 makes a great addition to your stockpile of games. 

Today’s best Cyberpunk 2077 deals


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