How to download iOS 16 public beta

It’s official! The iOS 16 public beta is now available, which means you’ll have the opportunity to explore the most highly anticipated iPhone updates, including the new “unsend text” feature, better SharePlay support, Live Text for videos, and more.

You may be wondering, “Alright, the iOS 16 public beta is out, but how do I install it?” You came to the right place. We’ll delve into how you can download the iOS 16 public beta step-by-step so you can explore all the new features during your free time.

Before we dive into the instructions, however, check out the list of compatible devices to see if your phone supports iOS 16.

iPhone 13 lineiPhone 12 lineiPhone 11 lineiPhone Xs, iPhone Xs MaxiPhone X, iPhone XRiPhone 8, iPhone 8 PlusiPhone SE (2nd Gen or later)How to download iOS 16 public beta

1. Once you’ve confirmed that your iPhone is compatible with iOS 16, head to Safari and type in “”

2. Tap on “Sign up.”

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3. You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID (I had to simply use Touch ID to confirm my identity).

4. Input your Apple ID followed by your password. You may be prompted to enter an Apple ID verification code. If so, enter it.

5. You may be asked whether or not you trust the browser you’re using. Tapping “Trust” ensures that you won’t be asked to input a verification code in the future. By tapping “Don’t Trust,” you’ll be asked for a code the next time you sign in.

6. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll land onto Apple’s Beta Software Program Agreement page. Tap Accept.

7. Under “Get Started,” tap the “enroll your iOS device” link.

iOS 16 public beta how to (Image credit: Future)

8. You’ll be instructed to backup your iPhone. You know, just in case things go haywire. It is a beta after all.

9. On the “Enroll Your Devices” page, scroll down to step two and tap “Download profile.”

iOS 16 public beta how to (Image credit: Future)

10. A message that says, “This website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?” will appear. Tap Allow. 

11. A window that says, “Review the profile in Settings app if you want to install it” will pop up. Tap “Close.”

12. Go to Settings. Tap on “Profile downloaded.”

iOS 16 public beta how to (Image credit: Future)

13. Tap on “Install” on the top-right corner.

14. Input your passcode. After reading the “Consent” page, tap on “Install” on the top-right corner again. Once you’ve done that, two pop ups in appear with the words “Install” and “Close.” Tap on the former.

15. Tap on “Restart.”

16. Once your device has restarted, go to Settings > General > Software Update

17. You should see that the iOS 16 public beta is ready to go. Tap on “Download and install.” 

iOS 16 public beta how to (Image credit: Future)

18. Enter your passcode, and voila, the iOS 16 public beta should now be on your device. 

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