How to edit texts on iPhone — even after you’ve already sent them

“How to edit texts on iPhone” is one of the hottest search queries on Google. After Apple unveiled the new iOS 16 features at WWDC 2022, folks are scrambling to figure out how they can edit delivered texts on their iPhones. 

With this perk, iPhone users no longer need to stomach typos and other embarrassing mistakes. So you may be wondering, “How do I use this cool new feature?” To answer your question, in order to take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to update your iPhone to iOS 16, which won’t be available to the public until later this year.

Although iOS 16 hasn’t rolled out yet, we still have the step-by-step instructions on how an iPhone user would go about editing delivered texts. Check out the guide below to find out how the process works.

How to edit texts on iPhone

As mentioned, before you can edit delivered texts, your phone must have the iOS 16 update, which is expected to roll out to supported iPhones later this year. Once your device meets this requirement, follow the instructions below to make changes to your messages.

1. Tap and hold the text you’d like to edit.

(Image credit: Apple)

2. A drop-down menu will appear. Tap “Edit.”

Edited text on iOS 16 (Image credit: Apple)

3. A cursor will appear, allowing you to edit the part of the text you’d like to alter. Once you’re done, hit “Send.”

It’s literally as easy as one, two, three! Keep in mind that once you hit send, the recipient will be able to see that you’ve edited the text message. iOS 16 is expected to land on users’ devices shortly after the annual iPhone event.

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