How to use your Apple Watch as a flashlight

When you’re in a bind and see a quick burst of light, your Apple Watch can be a reliable tool to act as a makeshift flashlight. Better yet, depending on your situation, there are multiple ways to use the smartwatch’s flashlight feature — and all it takes is a quick swipe and a tap. 

Whether you have the latest Apple Watch Series 7 or sporting the Apple Watch SE, here’s how to use your Apple Watch as a flashlight.

How to use the flashlight on Apple Watch

Apple has made it easy to turn your Apple Watch into a flashlight on your wrist, and there are three modes to choose from. This includes a steady white light, flashing white light, or steady red light. The Apple Watch uses its display as a makeshift flashlight, and while it might not be as bright as your iPhone’s, it can still be handy if you need to brighten your surroundings.

Below you’ll find a quick guide to turning your Apple Watch’s flashlight feature on and off. 

(Image credit: Future)On your Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Panel. Once open, scroll down and tap on the flashlight icon. You will see three flashlight options to choose. Swipe left or right to the one you want. 

(Image credit: Future)You will see a dimmed version of the flashlight mode with your local time in the corner. To activate the flashlight, turn your wrist away from you. To turn it off, either press the Digital Crown or side button, or swipe down to dismiss the flashlight. 

There you have it. It’s a useful feature that some may forget is available. However, the Apple Watch has plenty of other useful features that are worth checking out. If you’re wondering how to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch, how to set up fall detection on your Apple Watch, or how to use hand gestures on Apple Watch, we’ve got you covered. 


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