Insta360 launches new ONE RS 1-inch 360 action camera

Insta360 just launched its latest action cam, the One RS 1-inch 360 co-engineered with camera titan Leica. The One RS can film 6K video and features a 360-degree dual lens, allowing creatives to present a unique visual perspective and fun. 

Considered a breakthrough due to incorporating two 1-inch CMOS sensors, which allows the camera to shoot 6K resolution videos and 21-megapixel, 360-degree photos. You should also see excellent low-light performance with the One RS, thanks to its dual 1-inch CMOS sensors. It should be an enjoyable camera to take on any adventure.

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The Insta360 One RS will set you back $799.99 for the base kit. The Get Set Kit will cost you $829.99, and the All-Purpose Kit will run you $859.99. Kind of pricey, but I’m sure once we get a review unit, we can give you a better idea if it’s expensive or worth every penny. 

The Insta360 One RS features “FlowState stabilization, ” a six-axis stabilization meant to ensure smooth video. Yes, there is autofocus and tracking to keep your subject in the center of your frame. The unit also features Invisible selfie-stick tech and is IPX3 water-resistant, so it should survive a rainy day of filming and photos. Also, you’re provided a free copy of Insta360 Studio desktop editing software to edit your projects to look and feel precisely the way you want them to. 

You can check out some video footage of what the new Insta360 One RS is capable of here and purchase one if you’re so inclined to do so. We’re waiting for our review unit so we can go Onewheeling with our dog and shoot some fun videos. 

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