Intel graphics driver is slowing Chrome and Edge to a crawl — here’s how to fix it

An Intel graphics driver for certain 12th gen Intel CPUs using integrated GPUs is wreaking havoc on Chrome and Edge browsers, causing severe lag and even system freezing. This type of issue is frustrating with any laptop, but it’s made all the worse by the fact that it’s affecting Intel’s latest CPUs. 

The issue is a graphics driver for Intel’s integrated UHD Graphics 770, which is a bad look as many eagerly are awaiting the company’s ARC discrete GPUs here in the US market. For its part, Intel acknowledges the issue stating, “Recent Intel UHD Graphics 770 Drivers for 12th Gen Intel Core™ Processors cause Edge* and Chrome* browsers to lag severely. The browsers behave like they are semi-frozen. Click response delay is 2 seconds, and scrolling is severely delayed and choppy.” 

Intel points the finger at having too many tabs open at the same time while trying to scroll around and click on things. I don’t know if anyone has told them, but that sounds like an accurate description of how people browse the internet on a daily basis. They also mention it has a connection to the use of mechanical hard drives, but that seems suspicious as most systems today are using SSDs. If you’re not using an SSD in your system please check out our guide on how to pick out the best one for your laptop. 

Enough of this, lets fix it. 

According to Intel, this is the best resolution for the problem. 

1. Update the browser to the latest version.

2. Update Windows® to the latest version and run any pending updates.

3. Try a Clean Installation of Intel Graphics Drivers in Windows using the latest customized driver offered by the motherboard manufacturer (OEM) or using the Intel generic drivers available on our Download Center.

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration on the browser or switch from an HDD (mechanical Hard Disk Drive) to an SSD (Solid State Drive).

Final thoughts

We suggest defragmenting your hard drive as it may help, especially if you’re still using a mechanical hard drive. However, before you go through all of this, make sure you own a system affected by the driver issue. Here is a list of laptops and desktops that use the Intel UHD Graphics 770 driver. 

Intel will probably have a better fix for this issue in a future update, but for now these are your best options for getting your Chromium-based browser back up to speed. And Intel better hop to it as the launch of the ARC GPUs will be soon upon us, and with the early reports sounding like they may not meet Intel’s promised performance, issues like this could weaken consumers’ faith in Intel’s first discrete GPUs. 

Via Tom’s Guide

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