iOS 15.5 is now available — Apple Wallet and Apple Podcasts gain useful new features

Apple rolled out iOS 15.5 today, and it comes with eye-catching enhancements to Apple Podcasts and Apple Wallet. iOS 15.5, as its name insinuates, is the fifth major update to iOS 15, which launched last September. 

The last major update, iOS 15.4, introduced new quirky emojis and FaceID support for mask wearers. Two months later, iOS 15.5 is now available to the wider public with new perks that will appeal to Apple Cash card users and podcast listeners.

What are iOS 15.5’s new features?

As mentioned, Apple updated the Wallet app, enabling Apple Cash customers to request and send money via their Apple Cash card. For the uninitiated, Apple Cash is not to be confused with Apple Pay (a contactless-payment platform that lets iPhone users make payments in-person and online) or Apple Card (the Cupertino-based tech giant’s credit card). 

Instead, Apple Cash, released in iOS 11.2, lets iOS users send money to other iOS users — and it’s built right into iMessage. For example, a sibling can send you $20 via iMessage. It will appear as $20 of Apple Cash on a digital card, which you can transfer to your bank account via the Wallet app. With the release of iOS 15.5, Apple added “Send” and “Request” buttons in the Wallet app, making it easier for users to, of course, send and request money with Apple Cash.

To the delight of some podcast lovers, iOS 15.5 now includes a new Apple Podcasts setting that lets users limit episodes stored on their iPhones. This limitation can be based on criteria such as the number of shows or the time that has passed since their release. It can also automatically delete older episodes.

The iOS 15.5 update also includes security patches and bug fixes, including issues with home automation failures triggered by users arriving and/or leaving.

This isn’t an extensive update, but that’s no surprise. Apple is likely working on putting the final touches on iOS 16, which is expected to debut at WWDC on June 6.

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