Ledger is setting up shop in The Sandbox’s metaverse — here’s why

If you’ve ever read our “How to buy digital real estate” article, you’d know that The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverse platforms that lets users purchase online residences. As of this writing, the floor price of these digital lands is about $6,500; the priciest plot on Sandbox costs a whopping $32,715. Whew!

With so much money on the line, The Sandbox is partnering with Ledger, the world’s leading crypto-security hardware company. The Sandbox will provide 36 lands to Ledger, allowing the company to set up an education and security hub in its metaverse.

How will The Sandbox’s partnership with Ledger benefit users?

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based metaverse game fueled with a token called SAND. Folks can get SAND from cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance US or KuCoin — and use it to purchase NFTs, including digital real estate plots. Users can trade these simulated lands on OpenSea (an NFT marketplace), a hotbed for hackers, phishing attempts and other threats.

As such, The Sandbox is carving out a space in its metaverse for Ledger, allowing the company to empower its community members with crypto-security knowledge so that they can safeguard their assets. 

Ledger will set up an “office hours bar,” a place where Sandbox users can visit its customer support team for help. There will also be a school where users can access gamified education experiences at Ledger Academy.

“Anyone using Web3 should understand how to secure their assets from hackers and scammers,” said Ledger’s Chief Experience Officer Ian Rogers said in a press release. “This partnership with The Sandbox enables Ledger to launch unique metaverse initiatives for education, security, and support.”

Ledger is no stranger to helping NFT owners secure their assets. The company offers hardware solutions such as the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X, which lets users to secure their NFTs in cold wallets (as opposed to insecure hot wallets such as Metamask). It’s no wonder The Sandbox tapped into the Ledger’s expertise to roll out this new education hub in its metaverse.

Ledger is poised to roll out a new hardware wallet called the Nano S Plus. Stay tuned for our upcoming review on this new crypto-security product.

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