Nothing March event live blog: ‘The Truth’ may reveal Nothing’s first phone



With under an hour to go, the hype for one of Nothing’s “most important announcements ever” is growing.

The company gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming event last week, with the tweet stating “let’s get transparent.” That’s a clear sign that whatever product is revealed (fingers crossed it’s a smartphone), it’ll sport the same transparent design as the Nothing ear (1) earbuds. 

Let’s get transparent.While we’re getting ready for the #Nothingevent on 23 March, we invite you to come behind-the-scenes of the shoot.Watch the new Nothing Updates here.March 18, 2022

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And we’re kicking off!

As previously reported, we expect the Nothing event to really be something, with many believing that we’ll finally see Nothing bring out its own phone. For one, Nothing’s co-founder Carl Pei, who parted ways with OnePlus last year, was spotted showing off a smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2022. Plus, we see a sneaky Snapdragon logo on the event’s homepage. If we know anything about Snapdragon, it’s often found in Android smartphones. 

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