The best cheap AirPods alternatives for $50 or less

Apple’s AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro with MagSafe retail for $179 and $249, respectively. If that’s well beyond your budget, there are plenty of AirPods alternatives for iPhone and Android devices out there. 

AirPods are coveted and wildly popular for their great sound, comfortable fit, and easy pairing with Apple devices. But what if we told you that many lesser-known wireless earbuds hold these same attributes? In fact, many of today’s best AirPods alternatives cost just under $50 or less. 

For example, the JBL Vibe 100TWS wireless earbuds retail for $49.95 (opens in new tab) at Amazon. At a regular price, they’re a great value and fall to a fraction of the price when on sale. JBL Vibe 100TWS earbuds are among the best AirPods alternatives you can get. They’ve garnered an overall review rating of 4.4 out of 5-stars based on customer feedback, and owners praise the earbuds’ instant iPhone pairing, great sound, and solid noise-cancelling. 

We tested the pricier $159 JBL Live 300 TWS model and found their sound, sleek design, and intuitive controls impressive. You can expect the same from the JBL Vibe 100TWS with the addition of JBL deep bass sound. 

That’s just one of the more affordable non-AirPods options you can get. Check out our hand-selected roundup of the best AirPods alternatives below.  

Best AirPods alternatives under $50

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