There’s a time limit for unsending texts on iOS 16 — here’s when the option disappears

Granting iPhone users the ability to unsend and edit texts on iOS 16 is one of the most exciting highlights of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday. Many Apple fans rejoiced over finally being able to recall and tweak typo-ridden texts (or embarrassing, late-night confessions) on Messages.

However, there is a caveat. The option to unsend and edit texts won’t be accessible for too long. Apple implemented a grace period. After that timed window is up, users will no longer have the ability to retract nor alter texts.

The unsend and edit text options are fleeting

If you want to recall and edit texts on iOS 16, you better hurry! You have 15 minutes before the aforementioned options are stripped from away from you. On the plus side, this timed window gives you more than enough time to unsend messages and alter texts. However, if you get distracted and miss the grace period, there’s no turning back.

Unsend texts on iOS 16 (Image credit: Apple)

It’s also worth noting that if you do decide to edit or unsend a text, the recipient will know because they will be notified. For example, the word “edited” will appear next to the text you tweaked. 

If you’re wondering when you can experiment with iOS 16’s new features, Apple said that a beta release will roll out to the public some time this month. The official release date for iOS 16 will likely be September 2022 after the next-gen iPhone event, but this is just speculation (based on Apple’s past modus operandi).

Stay tuned for our coverage on iOS 16 as we keep our ears peeled for more official information from the Cupertino-based tech giant.


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