Why you should buy the Apple TV 4K for its lowest ever price on Prime Day

The Apple TV 4K (opens in new tab) is my the best streaming box you can buy (in my opinion), and you can save big in this shock Amazon Prime Day discount!

And now, rather than just reel off a feature list, I’m going to tell you why you should absolutely snap this deal up and enjoy an Apple TV at its lowest ever price.

Here’s the deal…Why you should buy it!

Now, I could go into detail about why all the best streaming apps are available in one place, the super simple UI or the sleek design of the box (which includes an ethernet port). But there are some more nerdy things that I absolutely adore about my Apple TV.

First off, it’s a great games console. You can play the vast majority of the best Apple Arcade games on this thing (I recommend Sayonara Wildhearts). My partner really doesn’t like me keeping my PS5 in the living room and taking over the TV, so this is a good compromise!

Next, the super simple seamless integration with Apple devices is unlike anything you can get from any cross-device hardware in the past. I love watching Drive to Survive on Netflix, but my partner absolutely hates F1. Being able to just connect my AirPods Pro without needing to access a single menu means I can watch away while she plays Animal Crossing!

And finally, I’m a bit of an AV geek. While other streaming devices like the Fire TV stick or the Nvidia Shield TV may offer a little more usability with a more open app store, their color science is usually a little too rich and the surround sound doesn’t quite have the same clarity.

The HDR10 and Dolby vision deliver crisp video and the Dolby Atmos integration gives you 7.1 surround sound. You’re getting an immersive experience with this!

Today’s best Apple 4K TV deals


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