Wordle today have you stumped? These Wordle solvers will get you back on track

One of the potentially addictive components of Wordle is keeping your “current streak” of solved Wordles alive. While looking up today’s Wordle answer feels like cheating, perhaps you are willing to accept a little help from one of these Wordle solvers instead.

These tools will help you narrow the field of potential options without outright giving you the correct answer, a grey area perhaps, but you do what you must when the Wordle streak is on the line!

Best Wordle solvers to help you answer today’s Wordle

Naturally, given the popularity of Wordle, there are dozens (likely hundreds) of sites that aim to help you solve today’s Wordle, but we’ll take a look at a few of the best as most follow a similar structure.

1. The Word Finder: Wordle Solver

The best overall Wordle solver

Reasons to buy+

Easy to use


Robust tools


Uniquely built for Wordle

Reasons to avoid-

UI is a little dated

So good it feels like cheating

It doesn’t get any more straightforward than this; the Wordle Solver from The Word Finder should help you crack today’s Wordle in just a few turns. It lets you identify letters in the correct spot, letters that are correct but not in the right spot, and eliminated letters. 

Once you’ve entered your letters and hit update, it gives you a listing of the potential Wordle answers below, but it even gives you recommendations for the best possible vowels and consonants to try for your next guess. If you play any of the alternative Wordle games that allow for more letters, then The Word Finder still has you covered with the ability to go up to 12 letter words.

No other Wordle solver comes close to this level of guidance, so if you are down to it and need help honing in on the answer to the Wordle, this is your best tool for the job.

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2. Word.tips Wordle Word Finder

Best simple Wordle solver

Reasons to buy+

Easy to use


Lets you lock in placed letters


Lacks support for Wordle alternatives

The Wordle Word Finder from Word.tips has a slightly more modern (although still outdated) look and nails the basics of a Wordle solver. It has three text entry areas for “Good letters,” “Bad letters,” and “Placed Letters.” You can guess what goes in each one, and once you’ve entered your letters, you just hit search, and it produces a list of potential solutions for today’s Wordle.

Then it simply shows you a list of the potential answers for today’s Wordle, with the text entry area now shifted off to the right to allow you to enter new letters if you don’t get it right with your next guess. Wordle Word Finder is an excellent option if you want to narrow things down and aren’t worried about all the fancy data output you get from The Word Finder.

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3. Unscramblerer: Wordle Solver

The best Wordle solver for more subtle hints

Reasons to buy+

Simple interface


Feels less like cheating

Reasons to avoid-

Less user-friendly than the others

The Unscramblerer Wordle Solver takes a slightly different tact than the others with a single text entry box where you enter letters for green tiles that are locked in as correct and question marks for any other spaces. So you need to be pretty close to solving the Wordle answer before this tool will be of any use to you.

As a result, this feels a bit more sporting than the other two Wordle solvers, as it’s more of a hint at the end rather than something to guide you through from start to finish. 

Hopefully, one of these tools will help you in your hour of need without turning to a site that spoils today’s Wordle completely. After all, it’s just a game that’s meant to be a fun mental challenge for the day. While these Wordle solvers help, for particularly evil letter repeating Wordles, the use of such tools seems justified.

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