WoW 10.0 reveal live updates: Dragonflight confirmed



Every profession will have new types of gear, which their character will suddenly change clothes into that suits that profession.


The new expansion is also introducing crafting stats and quality levels to items the player creates. Crafting specializations are also being introduced, which allows the player to tackle different things even if they’re the same profession. Each profession will have a crafting table in Dragonflight’s main city.


Blizzard is discussing crafting orders, which allows the player to put in a work order within the community and include a comission for another player to make the item and let you have access to it.


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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be featuring a return to in-depth talent trees, one on the left that revolves around basic class traits and then one on the right that focuses on your specialization.


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Dragonflight’s UI revamp is approached with the idea that the player can customize the elements of their screen in the ways that best fit their playstyles. There will be lots of elements that exist to modernize the action bars, mini-map and health bars. The focus is to allow players to focus on the game itself rather than outdated hud elements.


The event is going in-depth in Dracthyr customization and what the Evoker class can do, including details on its two damage specializations and its healing specializations.


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Thaldrassus is the final area of Dragonflight, an ethereal place that features much of the ancient technology that kept the power of the Dragon Isles obscured from the world.


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Dragonflight features some of the largest zones in the game, with one zone in particular possibly being the largest area to date.


Fog distance has been increased for the new Dragonflight zones, as the areas are so big and the designers wanted to give players the opportunity to see farther into the lands.


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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has finally introduced ducks. Who knew it could really happen!

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s new zones look far more dedicated towards traditional high fantasy with its gorgeous plains and tall mountains. After Shadowlands took players to some ridiculous places, it’s wonderful to return back to Azeroth and run around its gorgeous sights.


The Dragonflight deep dive is beginning right now. Steve Danuser and Terran Gregory are going into the lore implications of the existence of the Dragon Isles and the story of this expansion.


Wrath of the Lich King Classic will be doing away with Dungeon Finder, as people often think it can be sourced as the first death of the social aspects of the series.


Blizzard is showing off the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic logo. Balancing Dragonflight with the return of my favorite expansion will consume my life.


Dragonflight will be introducing a new feature called Dragon Riding. Players will be able to do dive bombs and boosts of speeds. You can customize your new dragon right from the get go and make it your own buddy.


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WoW 10.0 will be featuring a massive overhaul of its core progression systems. They’re going to be tackling revamps through talent trees, professions and UI.


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The new dragon race is Dracthyr and has the Evoker class inherently tied with it. It’s not going to be its own class, the two have to be played on top of one another.


Dragons have shown up! It’s officially World of Warcraft Dragonflight.


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Blizzard is currently showing off 10.0’s cinematic. It appears to involve the watchers from thousands of years ago on a shrouded island.


WoW 10.0’s reveal stream has just begun! Be sure to tune in on YouTube or Twitch to see what Blizzard Entertainment has in store for the next expansion. We’ll also be sharing everything we learn through this post.


WoW 10.0’s reveal pre-stream is showcasing concept art from each expansion in a chronological order. Hearing music from Wrath of the Lich King is bringing me to tears!


WoW 10.0’s reveal starts in 10 minutes. Be sure to tune in on YouTube or Twitch to catch the show. If you can’t make it, we’ll be updating this post with live updates. For Azeroth!


Rumors suggesting WoW’s ninth expansion would be titled Dragonflight have been circulating for months. But now, we have seen leaked images that showcase a convincing logo, along with poster art featuring Alexstraza. We’re a little over an hour away from the reveal, but these details seems near-confirmed.


We’re only two hours away from the show, but a couple of new images have leaked, showing off WoW 10.0’s dragon race and expanded talent tree. We’re not certain these leaks are legit, but the images are quite convincing.


We’re 3 hours away from the reveal of WoW 10.0. After all of the rumors and speculation revolving around the Dragon Isles, Evoker class, Dragonkin race, and expanded talent tree system, we’re finally going to see what Blizzard has actually been working on for the past couple of years.


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